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Five Star Web Solutions is a new name in the web dev community but we've got 10+ years of experience creating and maintaining websites.

Jason Berry - Five Star Web Solutions

 My name is Jason Berry. I'm a freelance web designer from North Augusta, SC. Before changing career paths, I was a production manager for a local manufacturing facility. I've been working with web design, SEO, and in more recent years working with local small business in the social media marketing arena. As a small-business owner myself, I take great pride in helping other local small business in the area achieve their online goals. Some of the people that I deal with currently have a website and need help with SEO or social media marketing, while others are stepping in fresh to create an online presence for their business. 

My rates are very reasonable and you will never be charged for things that you don't need. I sit with each of my clients to gain an understanding of their business as it stands and get an understanding of the goals they'd like to achieve through their online presence.


So, what exactly are the things that I do or services I provide? 

  1. Web design - Through collaboration with the business owner, we design a website that highlights your brand/product and your business as a whole. These websites are to promote your business to those who are searching for you or your products and or services. These websites are optimized for all browsers and devices. (PC, Tablet, Mobile)
  2. Search Engine Optimization - The website you have is only good if people can find you through other outlets. I spend a lot of time researching relevant keywords and descriptions to highlight your industry and optimize your website for search engines so YOU show up when searched. Not only is the site loaded with relevant content, keywords, and descriptions at the launch of your website, it's constantly monitored for changes in position. Tweaks are made if positions drop in order to maintain a good top-level rank with your competing searches.
  3. Social Media Marketing - Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & more are excellent avenues for making your mark in online advertising. I create content that is SEO friendly in your about sections, create custom cover graphics and profile pictures to highlight important business information, and give you tips for maximizing your outreach through these different avenues.
  4. Photography - People are visual! When you visit a website, you don't just want to look at a bunch of stock or generic photos. Pictures speak volumes about a business and give your website a personal touch that allows your customers and potential customers to connect with you. I take photos of your place of business, your products, and for those of you that provide services at your customer's location I get those shots too.
  5. Videography - Think of these videos as a way to introduce yourself and your products or services to the masses. Videos and outlets like YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-based websites allow you to have followers and are search engine optimized. I also put these videos up on your website for a more personal touch and introduction to your business and the services or products you choose to highlight. Perhaps you want to show "How to's" or "How we do what we do" videos to give your customers a closer look behind the scenes. Maybe you'd just like to highlight a certain area of your business, or just give an intro about your business explaining your product offerings and or services. It's up to you!

Each of the clients that I work with are more than clients. We are partners! My job is to make you not only look good on the web but to increase your traffic either in-store or by generating leads through email or by phone. For me to do this, I study your business and gain the best understanding through you about what you want to accomplish.

Unlike dealing with the "BIG" web companies, when you deal with FIVESTAR Web Solutions, you have someone local that will be there for you and WANTS TO SEE YOU SUCCEED! All of my clients can contact me at any time via email, phone, text, or video chat.

How long have I served customers? I have customers now that I've worked with for the last 10-years. Customer retention and satisfaction are very high on my priority list!


So what are you waiting for? Let's get your business on the web as soon as possible.

Visit the contact page to get in touch. I look forward to working with you!


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